Day 96: Wayne’s Journal 8: Edward Has a Theory

Not much had been happening since my last post, so I left off journaling. But I was between jobs again and was working New Harmony Gardens, and today I finally met Edward. He was and wasn’t what I expected. He’s… I hate to use the word petite, but he’s a short slim guy, and like a lot of guys smaller than normal, he’s a live wire. And he’s clearly an operator. That comes off right away. He’s the kind of guy you want on your negotiating team when you’re talking to those hard-headed Swiss or the Chinese, who are more dangerous as Capitalists than they ever were as Communists. But Edward’s also not the kind of guy you want on your team if you don’t have the time to keep tabs on him. Otherwise you’ll find out the hard way he’s gone over to the other side. Any other side will do with a guy like that, as long as what’s in it for him is more than what you’re offering.

I asked him if he knew about Reese’s Möbius-town experience.

“Oh, yeah. I expected that. Divide and conquer and all that.”

“We can travel to other parts of the region,” I said.

“Maybe this is all there is,” he replied. “We only have their word in it.”

“So you don’t trust them?”

“Trust them?” He snorted his distaste. “I know what they say about themselves in that pamphlet. Life of God and all that. I know what a pamphlet like that is for. I used pamphlets to sell time-shares in Florida. But there weren’t any time shares, get it? Only the addresses were real — shitty swampland real or abandoned sink-hole–land real. No, believe you me there’s something else going on here. I don’t want to say just yet what it is, but I have my theories. All I’ll say right now is ‘look up.’ Look up at the night sky.”

Joe was watching the whole exchange. Edward looked over at him.

“My shadow,” he said. “I hear he gets all the tough cases.”