A writing prompt to get you started…

“Welcome to Resurrectorium 1920. You have been resurrected from the dead.” These words welcome you to a different world. It’s a beautiful world — nearly perfect. People are friendly. There is work, but not drudgery. Money, but not riches. Eternal life for some, perfect health for all. But not everyone is happy.

That is the setting for the novel Resurrectorium 1920, a novel you can participate in. I invite you to write a paragraph to a page of narrative, or a journal entry like a letter to a friend, or even a poem, describing your reaction to awakening in a hospital setting and being told you’ve been resurrected from the dead. You can also use your journal to ask the questions that would be on your mind if this really happened. As you explore the site, you’ll see why you might have some question.

Can someone accept being resurrected but not believe all of what they are told? You can write acceptingly or as a skeptic. Here’s a writing prompt to get you started:

You awaken feeling you have been very deeply asleep, but otherwise you feel very good. You are in a hospital recovery room with monitoring equipment but no IV attached. The curtain is drawn, and a nurse enters. You find it difficult to see the nurse, as if you cannot focus on the person, although your room and all your surroundings remain in focus at all times. Slowly, the nurse comes into focus. Is it a man or a woman you see? The nurse says “Hello,” and calls you by name. “How are you feeling? I’m sure you wonder where you are. You are in Resurrectorium 1920.You have been resurrected from the dead. The world as you knew it ended and was remade. Nearly everyone here, including me, has been resurrected from the dead.”

Resurrectorium 1920 also contains helpful links that will take you to the novel so far — all the entries I have created. There is a link to a complete timeline, links to pages on what the world is like, and links to journal entries from others. Explore, read, and then sign up to start writing! You do not need to be a “pro” or an experienced writer of fiction. After all, you’re just writing a diary.