A writing prompt to take you deeper…

“Welcome to Resurrectorium 1920. You have been resurrected from the dead.” These words welcome you to a different world. It’s a beautiful world — nearly perfect. People are friendly. There is work, but not drudgery. Money, but not richesEternal life for someperfect health for all. But not everyone is happy.

That is the setting for the novel Resurrectorium 1920, a novel you can participate in. I invite you to write a paragraph to a page of narrative, or a journal entry like a letter to a friend, or even a poem, describing your reaction to this world. What do you think of what is happening? How would you feel if you were told you could not travel freely by beings who have superhuman abilities? A tornado in “a perfect world”? Would you join the revolution or the exodus? Imagine you are at one of these events. Read about the events and place yourself there:

Resurrectorium 1920 also contains helpful links that will take you to the novel so far — all the entries I have created. There is a link to a complete timeline, links to pages on what the world is like, and links to journal entries from others. Explore, read, and then sign up to start writing! You do not need to be a “pro” or an experienced writer of fiction. After all, you’re just writing a diary.