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Welcome to the Resurrectorium Project

The novel, Resurrectorium 1920, my MA thesis, is to be a “crowdsourced” novel. That means I am inviting you to help write portions of the novel, to post entries as if you were keeping a journal upon being resurrected from the dead after the apocalypse. My task will be to incorporate a selection of journals into the story arc/spine of journals I have built around two characters Helen Amber and Reese. The end will be a single text.

Using the framework of Christian end-times theology, Resurrectorium 1920 posits a world best described as “not what I expected.” It is not our world. It is — or it should be —better than our world. The conflict in the story centers around that question.

In the meantime, let me answer questions and respond to comments I think you’ll have:

  • “You’re crazy. I’m not a writer.” Sure you are. When you sleep, your dreams are stories your mind comes up with. This will be easier than you think. If you can keep a diary (even if you don’t actually keep one!), if you can write a post in Facebook telling about your day, or a letter to a friend about a trip you took, you can write for the Resurrectorium Project.
  • “I’m already a writer,” some will say to their monitors as they read this post. I think you’ll find it liberating and fun to contribute, like rolling off the proverbial log (assuming that you think rolling off logs is fun).
  • “What the heck do you want me to write about?” Imagine you’ve just been resurrected from the dead. One moment you die and the next you wake up. You’ve awakened in what looks like a hospital and you’re someone else, a character you make up with whatever backstory, history, faults, and strengths you want.
  • “How do I get started? What shall I write?” There are writing prompts to help you get rolling on the website.
  • “But I don’t believe in resurrection!” No matter what your belief system, that’s fine: Everyone is being resurrected from the dead. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, Pagans…everyone! Even Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians! You comment on this world you’ve awakened into from whatever perspective you have.
  • “I do believe in resurrection, but this isn’t my idea of it,” some of you will scoff. That’s okay. The world your character wakes up in is a fictional world I’ve created, and you have an opportunity to share your own ideas, to comment on that world from the inside as that character. How fun is that!?!
  • “How much am I expected to write?” Write as much or as little as you want — a paragraph, a page, more… One entry, two, more… I’m having fun with this project and I’m sure you will, too.
  • “Will my participation be acknowledged?” Everyone who contributes will be credited. Please be aware that I may not use all contributions in the novel but every contribution will receive some sort of acknowledgement.
  • What happens to my work after the project is done?” Your unedited original will remain on the website.
  • “Sounds great! How do I start?” Go to the Start Posting! page.

I am glad you are going to participate in writing this story with me. That way, this story will have many unique voices. That is the reason I created this project, because no one can speak, write, think, in your voice. Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint, is how you speak to the world. Your views on the life after this one — the what and if and everything you think of it, are part of what will frame your journal.

Robert Springer

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