Climate and geography


The world Bios are resurrected into is the world we know. The Earth: the look, feel, smell will all be the same except there would be no pollution of air or water; no industrial or noise pollution; no night sky pollution; no pollution of any kind. It is warm most days, with more days that are warm, clear, and dry than anything else.


There are seven cities in Region 1920, and each city is the seat (capital) for a subregion. The subregions and their resurrectoriums are 1920-α, 1920-β, 1920-γ, 1920-δ, 1920-ε, 1920-ζ, and 1920-η (the 7th Greek letter, pronounced Eta). The story is set in Subregion 1920-η. The city of New Harmony is in the Eta valley between Regions 1819 and 2021. Resurrectorium 1920-η is situated at the top of a ridge near the border of Region 2021.

Climate and geography are fixed. As a journalist, you are free to react to them but your journals should take place in this landscape.