Clothing now “the Fall” is reversed

Just as everyone is born naked, everyone is resurrected naked, and some people may choose to remain that way. Because the world of the Resurrection was initially peopled by Zoës, who feel no shame before God or each other and because the first cohorts of resurrected Bios were closer to God and set the cultural tone, nudity is considered perfectly normal and not shameful, although it is relatively rare. The consensus is that since everyone is naked before God, being naked before each other is not shameful either, any more than it is for an infant in its innocence. Nor is nudity sexual. Equating sex with nudity is a function of moral shame, not the human body. When wearing textiles (as noted, most people remain clothed), fabrics can be quite colorful, but it is considered bad taste to use clothing to accentuate sexuality. Makeup is not available in stores, and wearing it would be considered in bad taste.

All Bios sometimes wear clothing when weather or work require.

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