Disabilities and other differences

“I now truly understand that God does not show favoritism in dealing with people…” Acts 10:34 — New English Translation


There are no genetic, epigenetic, developmental or disease caused disabilities. This includes any form of mental illness, such as bi-polar, schizophrenia, etc.

But neither the social/parental behaviors that helped mold an individual’s behaviors and attitudes, nor the influences they freely took upon themselves, can be removed without removing something that is essentially them. That kind of change would violate their free will. Survivors of abuse, victims before death of murder, will awaken with memories of the events. Any epigenetic damage done will be corrected, but the memories themselves form part of the matrix of the individual. As a journalist, this is something you are encouraged to reflect upon.

If you would perfer to write from a persona of a person with a disability, that is fine. If you think that disability is something you want your resurrected persona to have, please include comment on why. A model for this is available.


Sexual orientation is not considered a disability, but it is a difference. Your persona can reflect any sexual orientation. Note: Sexuality is not as prominent as it is in our world. Also: Not all transgendered people will wake up in a different gendered body As a journalist, you can decide if your persona is LGBT and journal from that point of view. As a journalist, you are free to react to this whether or not your character identifies as LGBT.