Order of resurrections

There is a hierarchy to resurrections. The Zoës were resurrected first and after that the higher functioning/more agape-filled Bios — those who will most readily make the transition to the way things are done in the Kingdom. Zoës do not choose who is resurrected or when: That is handled directly by the Holy Spirit. It is understood that the last to be resurrected will be the most difficult to save, to change, to turn from inward focus to other-focus. The wealthy and powerful, the proud and haughty, and lastly the evil deemed to have a hope of redemption. (Not everyone, it is thought, will be resurrected.) Left out of this is the question of Justice. It is possible a form of justice happens prior to resurrection. As a journalist, you are free to speculate.

As the pamphlet handed to new Bios explains, individuals are resurrected in cohorts. Resurrectorium 1920 resurrects individuals primarily from the 20th century, with minor overlap from the late 19th and early 21st centuries. Other Regions, those from eras when human cultures changed slowly, will have broader cohorts. Some cohorts from the same timeframe will be separate because initial cultural differences are too great for immediate integration.

Journalists who create a persona who awakens in a different Region than 1920 are asked to speculate on why they awoke in a different region as part of their journal. Note: World building docs for 2021 are not supplied. As a journalist, you are free to create this world. For Region 1819, the physical world building will be restrained by technology appropriate to those eras, but otherwise, as a journalist, you are free to create this world. The physical world building, weather, etc., will remain the same.