Some writing prompts

You have been resurrected from the dead. Are you a Zoë or a Bios? Be sure to read “What is Zoë life?” and “What is Bios life?” before choosing.

If you are a Zoë, you are standing before God. What happens? Describe your feelings! What do you see and hear? Here is a writing prompt for Zoës:

If you are a Bios, you have awakened in what appears to be a hospital, Resurrectorium 1920. You have been handed a pamphlet (on the site) explaining what has happened and have been asked by those who resurrected you to keep a journal. Here is a writing prompt for Bios:

A few/some/all of the attendees at your bedside are naked but no one has said or done anything lascivious. How do you feel? You have no clothing when you awaken, but you are offered some. One of the Bios you meet is wearing a loin cloth, and another a cotton jumpsuit. You hear that the Town Hall building gives away jumpsuits. What do you do?

You’ve gone to visit your housing. It is modest, but is otherwise exactly what you love. Describe it. How do you feel about finding your taste in housing assigned to you?

Some people are joined by their loved ones and pets. Others are told “not yet.” Which are you? In either case: How do you feel?

You’re encouraged to grow a small garden. The weather is perfect, so you go down to the hardware store. You are new and have no money, so the store owner gives you everything you need and says bring the hardware back whenever you are done. What questions does this raise?

You are curious about your world and want to take a train outside your region, but find you need your Zoë’s permission. How do you feel? Your Zoë will not allow you outside your region. Now how do you feel?

You travel to other cities in your region. Some are non-Western cultures. Where did you go? What did you see and do?

You will see in the story/arc spine many more things to respond to. Just remember that as in any fiction, the characters do not know the end until they get there!