How to Start Writing for the Resurrectorium Project

How to Begin: Go to the bottom of the green sidebar and log in. After you log in, there will be a “+ New” marker at the top of the WordPress menu, and a drop down menu lets you select New Post. First journal entries are moderated and must be approved, but after that your journal entries will publish here and on the Facebook Resurrectorium 1920 page without moderation. Writing your journal entry first in Word or other processing program is a good idea. After your post is up on the site, you can return to edit it if you want to. There will be a pencil icon next to “Edit Post” in the menu bar.

Things to Consider

  1. First you will need to chose whether you are writing as a Zoë or a Bios.
  2. Everyone will be writing as a persona, an assumed identity or character. You will pretend to be someone else: name the character and give that persona qualities, thoughts, and a backstory. A definition of persona from “insofar as the manner and style of expression in the work exhibit taste, prejudice, emotion, or other characteristics of a human personality, the work may be said to be in the voice of a persona.” Done that? Now you’re ready. Later, you can post more under this persona or create new personas.
  3. Your persona could also be one of the minor characters already in the novel who do not have dated posts of their own. In other words, you could write as if you were one of these characters and give them more depth.
  4. You can choose to tell the backstory for your persona/character up front (as Wayne did) or reveal it over the course of more than one journal entry.
  5. Using your own name for your persona is discouraged. Actually, it may free up your writing to write about someone different from yourself. But if you do give your persona your own name, this blog and all work derived from it will assume that your work and your persona are fictional.
  6. Daunting? Not really. Read one or more existing journal entries to get an idea of how other people have created personas. You can begin to create a persona by responding to prompts for Zöes and Bios. New “resurrectees” are handed a pamphlet to read during their recovery.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure look around the site using the pages under the About the Resurrectorium Project header so you’ll understand more about the world your persona is resurrected into. Your post can stand alone by responding to the world in general, or you can post something in response to the story arc for The Novel So Far… For example, you can respond to any of the major crises in the story, the crater, the tornado, the revolution.

There is also a timeline for the novel so far. (If the PDF is difficult to read on-screen, save it to your computer to read it there.) Be sure to put a day in the title if you want your entry to correspond to the events in the timeline.

You can comment on posts as well. Go to the bottom of the page where you will see the “Leave a Reply” selection. Replies will be moderated.

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