Keeping a journal after your resurrection

The goals of this web site are to get everyone thinking about the resurrection of the dead, and hopefully to get everyone writing about it. You will no doubt have your own opinions on what has happened and why.

Here are some things to contemplate. The rest of the site and the journal posts will prompt more questions:

  • How does this experience compare to what you expected from life after death?
  • What is your place in this world? How do you feel about that?
  • Is this heaven?
  • Is it really God’s doing?
  • Are Zoës what they say they are?

First, you will need to know something about this world. Read the world-building docs and look at the pamphlet new “resurrectees” are given before they leave the Resurrectorium:

Then you can read the journal entries of two fictional characters whose entries are a “story arc,” Reese’s journals and Amber’s journals and for background on the world, Wayne’s journals at the page Resurrectorium 1920: A Collection of Resurrectees’ Journal Entries under The Novel So Far… header ( You can respond to their story lines with your reactions as if you’d read the about the larger events in the newspaper, or as if they are friends and you’re at home summing up your day or a conversation. Include in the title of your journal entry the “day” (in Reese’s journals or in the Timeline document: so it can be synced with other journal entries and the story arc/spine.

Be sure to read entries by others!

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