Writing Prompt, Zoë

You are first aware that you are moving toward a blindingly bright white light, and you cannot tell if you are rising toward it or falling into it. But you know you can turn to neither the right nor the left.

You feel parts of yourself burning off, and you got lighter and lighter. For only a moment are you afraid, because it feels that if you got any closer to that Light you would burn away, nothing left, then One Like the Son of Man, the Child of All Humanity, steps between you and this Light — the outline of this human form, almost like a shadow of a man. Then the Light is streaming around you, lighting you up. And then you are flooded with peace and a knowledge this is the Light of God and you know that somehow you are one with that Light. This person clerly now appears to you to be a man and you see he has wounds on his wrists where nails pierced him as they hung him upon a cross, the string of cut marks across his forehead where the thorns punctured to his skull. The puncture wound in his side from the spear that told Roman soldiers he was dead. Then he wraps his arms around you, and you are reborn. You can stand in the Light. You are still you, but not you alone.

But this bliss is not to last. You have a job to do. You are to be a Zoë guide to a Bios who has been resurrected from the dead. Your job is to try to lead this Bios to Zoë life, to the surrender of self that you lived before your resurrection. To a life lived for others, for the common good.

Before you go back to the project to begin making more entries, picture this:

You are in a Resurrectory. One of the Bios (see entries) needs you as a Zoë.

You should read this person’s entries and begin cross-posting your Zoë observations of their entries, trying to lead them to growth in the transcendent agape love that is God. Your entries will reflect your own love and relationship to God and your love and relationship to the Bios you are guiding.